1965 Photo Galleries


Your administrator has collected a group of photos taken by several classmates and begun posting them in the 55th Reunion gallery.  This software package has changed a bit since the last gallery was initiated, we can't add labels at this time until we talk to the help desk.  Also, when you scroll down through the galleries, this new one appears blank and says it has zero images.  They really are there, just click on the gallery to open and the pictures will show up, you will need to scroll down to see them all.  All this will be corrected when your administrator has time to get on the phone to the help folks.  We all know how that can be a real time suck.  So enjoy figuring out who is who in the pictures!



We have collected multiple photo galleries of snapshots old and newer.  Latest under construction is collected from Reunion 2015.  Dave Stone and Brad Fitzgerald have posted their selections, but if you have any you took, please contact us so we can get them and post them.  We definitely have a shortage of Northfield classmates - for example, Dave didn't get to the Northfield luncheon or conversation, so....

To view an individual photo click on it to enlarge it, and read any caption attached. You can also mouse over each photo to preview a caption before opening it.  You can make the image larger, at least on a PC, after you click on it to open it.  Mouse over the photo, right click, select View Image, then if you press Ctrl +, each press enlarges the image on the screen. Ctrl - returns the image one step at a time back to the original.  Or at least it does on my PC (ed.)

NOTE: There could be multiple pages in each gallery to check out, don't stop at the first one!  You can also reset the number of pictures viewable in thumbnaiil form from 12 up to 72, to avoid scrolling through pages.

We are continually adding photos as they become available.  If you have early personal photos from 1961-1965 (see the several named collections), or from events since our graduation when you've gotten together with classmates, please send a few along so we can use them.  These galleries will be in constant flux so stop back often.

Reunion 2015 Group Photo
1 Photo  6/15/15
50th Reunion Photos
63 Photos  6/28/15
Brad Fitz Reunion Pics
51 Photos  7/2/15
Chapel door renovation
4 Photos  6/28/15
1965 Early Photo Gallery
44 Photos  6/8/20
Highlights 1965
16 Photos  10/14/14
Coco Cook collection
23 Photos  9/10/14
Warren Ayres collection
19 Photos  7/7/14
Rich Scollay collection
25 Photos  12/27/14
Nan Waite collection
11 Photos  1/4/15
John Clark collection
9 Photos  1/29/15
Charlotte Lucas Small
10 Photos  1/30/15
Deb Crockett Collection
29 Photos  2/26/15
Early Reunions Plus
29 Photos  3/26/15
20th Reunion 1985
12 Photos  8/18/14
Reunion Collection 2005
36 Photos  3/26/15
45th Reunion Gallery
11 Photos  12/30/13
Reunion Group Photos
5 Photos  7/25/14
50th Reunion Newsletters
10 Photos  8/5/14
Northfield campus views
16 Photos  4/9/14
Current campus views
27 Photos  5/4/14
2017 Reunion Saturday
21 Photos  6/6/17
2018 Reunion photos
6 Photos  6/11/18
55th Reunion 2022
0 Photos