Missing Classmates

Please note, these names are on this list of "missing" classmates only because we don't have current email addresses for these classmates. Some may not use email, some may have changed providers and not updated us.  A few of these classmates did attend our 50th reunion.  Unfortunately we have no other way of sorting this group other than email.  See the next paragraph...

We have mailing addresses and active phone numbers for many of these classmates. You may look them up on our class list on the NMH web site under the alumni section, or use the "contact us" line in the menu on the left side of this page to tell us who you're looking for, `and we'll see if we can help you get in touch.

If you can give us any help with those on this list, please "contact us".  Thanks!

Roberta Bailey (Otis)
Charles Baldwin
Cynthia Barrett
Matthew Borden
Paul Brandon
Bette Brookfield (Baldwin)
Charles Bullock
Donald Chase
Philip Chase
James Cokkinias
David Curtis
Jeffrey DePuy
Robert Dihlmann
L. Allen Divoll
Raymond Doerge
Roger Dudis
Richard Eastman
Bruce Ely
Christopher Fetner
Ronald Fisher
Pieter Fosburgh
David Foster
Daniel Garbose
David Goss
Frances Green (Augenblick)
Claudia Guyton (Leidinger)
Marjorie Harrison (Fleming)
Frederick Hartley
S. Lynn Hawthorne (Moffat)
Nancy Healy (Schwanfelder)
Elizabeth Hunter (Karakotsios)
Alvaro Iglesias
N. Maria Irons
R. Judd Jessup
Bruce Johnston
David Jones
Peter Kaufhold
John Kosiba
Richard Labate
David Lang
Nancy Latham
Jeffrey Leidinger
Norman MacLeod
Harry Mallory
Christian Martin
Ronald Martin
Richard Martinez
H. Denning Mason
Geoffrey May
Eric Merrifield
Carol Milk (Reyes)
Kathryn Morgan (Nicholls)
Margo Murphy (Roy)
Nancy Neugebauer (Kormendi)
Bevinn O'Brien (O'Brien)
Kenneth O'Connell
William Patterson
Judy Peritz (Hendrickson)
Dare Porter
John Rice
Eric Root
Peter Safronoff
Scot Sanderson
Donald G. Sangrey
Charles Sardeson
Brian Schwanda
Peter Seamans
Jay Sinsabaugh
Susan Snow (Blankenship)
Kenneth Spence
Paul Stange
William Stearns
Anthony Stone
Robert Suzuki
Carolyn Torberg (Crocker)
Gary Vassar
Sarah Vaughan
Deborah Volonino (Liou)
Paula Wallace
William Walters
Alden Wilson
N. Tracy Wolf
Karen Wright (Hilton)
David Zimmerman
Paul Zito