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6 live in Arizona
34 live in California
10 live in Colorado
20 live in Connecticut
4 live in District Of Columbia
22 live in Florida
5 live in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
4 live in Illinois
1 lives in Kentucky
18 live in Maine
10 live in Maryland
60 live in Massachusetts
1 lives in Michigan
3 live in Minnesota
1 lives in Mississippi
1 lives in Montana
1 lives in Nevada
16 live in New Hampshire
10 live in New Jersey
5 live in New Mexico
30 live in New York
7 live in North Carolina
4 live in Ohio
6 live in Oregon
12 live in Pennsylvania
3 live in South Carolina
4 live in Tennessee
8 live in Texas
1 lives in Utah
8 live in Vermont
12 live in Virginia
5 live in Washington
1 lives in Wisconsin
1 lives in British Columbia
1 lives in Ontario
1 lives in United Kingdom
3 location unknown


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Northfield Mount Hermon School
Class Of 1965

From your site administrator:  I got to campus on Saturday of Reunion Weekend, June 3, didn't see any other 1965 class members, but caught up with a number of the 1967 men and women.  Also was able to speak with Jock Bethune '62, Mark Auerbach '68, Kristin Kellom '80, Peter Weis '78 (archivist), Miss Mann from the Northfield campus, and Bill Compton '44, who was at Hermon with us in 1965. The campus looks great!  Music was stellar as usual, lunch was relaxing, and they had plenty of golf carts to save our leg muscles.  I've added a section of photos to our gallery, which includes a few from the Northfield campus, which appears to be well kept under the stewardship of new owners.  Take a look.

I also encourage you to log in and and let classmates know what's going on post-50th, as we move into a new decade of our lives . Through email contact, I see classmates getting together, visiting each other, taking trips, checking off bucket list items.  My sense is that we'd like to hear about this stuff.  So, jump onto this site and bring everyone up to date.  You could also connect through Facebook, I now have several guys I've been communicating with as "friends", an interesting term.  I consider everyone in '65 as a potential friend through social media, although we may not have known each other back then, and haven't seen each other in person since the '60's.  Our shared experiences give us more in common than I had ever realized until I had been to reunions and "got it".

Through the generosity of a number of our classmates, our site will stay alive through June of 2021!  Much appreciation and thanks to the donors, who received individual thank-yous as well.  So, now post something in your profile.  Or create one if you haven't yet.

Keep checking this site regularly for general news about the class, the school, and for all the individual comments and news posted by your friends.  We're happy to hear about what's happening in your life.  Publish anything?  Retire?  Move to Pago Pago?  Let us know.  We've always been an active group.  Let's keep the Spirit of "65 rolling into our next decade!

Check below for some fun video taken by one of our classmates at our 50th reunion, June 4-7 of 2015. (Sorry for the font changes, unavoidable).  Visit this home page to direct you to all information, photos, and stories from our four days on campus.  Glorious weather, amazing turnout, endless singing and darn good food accompanied the hundreds of stories told.  To those who shared our time on campus, thank you!  Whether you attended reunion or not, check out the 50th Reunion photo gallery.

  • 108 classmates had registered by June 1, their names are on the list on menu to the left, "Who's Registered?".  If you were there, and don't see your name, let me know, I'll get it posted.

  • 50th Reunion Yearbook still available...scroll down to the announcement section of this page for the link to order, pricing, and a link to preview the book if you need a peek first.

  • 2017 and moving forward resolution: Promise to keep in touch with your dorm mates, your sports team members, your old friends, those who came and those were not able to make it.  Don't lose contact.  Think about visiting the campus during school time, stop into a few classes, see the continuing improvements in the best secondary education available.  And, consider swinging through during Reunion 2017 in early June, there will be friends from 1967 at their 50th who would love to see you, as well as many other folks, including faculty and staff to reconnect with.  Your site administrator should be there Saturday each and every year on a day trip from upstate NY, barring an early season hurricane of course.

  • Videos from the Reunion which Bob Kowal took at the hymn sing and the parade into the chapel are available.  To see/hear the singing at our reunion, here is the Youtube link: . This was Bob's first time trying to upload videos to You Tube, so please excuse any errors.   Every video HAD been given a title, but for some reason they all did not “stick”. Therefore, the DSCNO’s with the title are listed below in the next paragraph.  When the site opens it takes a few seconds for the Thumbnails to appear, and press the arrow on the right side of the Thumbnails, because there are 7 total.  The footage is raw and unedited and you will have to bear listening a few times to the unmelodious voice of the video taker.  At times it may be painful, but thankfully doesn’t last too long.  Fair warning.  If you would like to get them sent to you by e mail please contact Bob Kowal:  That email version will also include some still shots of classmate at the reunion, June 2015.

  • 175 - Not sure of title of song, started video in middle of it

    176 Joyful Joyful we Adore Thee

    177- Class of 1965 Song, Come  Labor On

    178 - Lean on Me - everyone out of tune!

    182 - Angels We have heard on High - 

    183 - Oh Northfield Beautiful, starts in the second third of video

    222 - Class of ’65 Entry into Chapel at 50th reunion  June 2015

Reunion photos and articles on the NMH school web site

     Visit the NMH web site alumni page,, for current information directly from the school about activities on and off campus, as well as everything the staff posts about Reunions.

Here is the direct link to view the posted by NMH:  Lots from Thursday's lobster dinner, and many '65ers took part in the bike ride.

     If you have any questions, or feedback, please contact Dave Stone (, web site administrator.


Class of 1965 Reunion Followup

Fall 1965 Silliman Fire Video Link

The Silliman fire, which took place during the fall 1965 Deerfield football game, was attended by a large number of 1965 graduates, including your web site administrator.  Fox Sports I produced a short video about the fire and the football game, which runs just over 12 minutes.  NMH archivist Peter Weis and others from the school are interviewed.  Check it out at this link, provided by Tony Cantore:

You can still order your 50th Reunion yearbook

It's a great compilation of life stories and photos, you can have one mailed to you for $45.  To place your order, go to can also use this link to see a preview, check it out.

Open the link to read the current school magazine and our multi-page 1965 class news column from Wendy Swanson Avirgan and Henri Rauschenbach, our class correspondents.

1964-65 undefeated teams were honored Friday of Reunion

Were you a member of the 1964-65 undefeated football, cross-country, and wrestling teams?  These teams were inducted to the NMH Athletic Hall of Fame at Reunion 2015, with a ceremony Friday, June 5, 2015, at the Mount Hermon School Alumni Luncheon, at noon, under the tent at Ford Cottage.  The Mount Hermon luncheon is now a continuing event, it’s open to all men graduates from any year at every reunion, and has been great fun.

Sign up for NMHConnect app for classmate information

This is a really terrific mobile app for smartphones and tablets. Paste into your browser to go to the NMH web site page where you can learn how to add it to your Apple or Android device. This app gives you a full and current class directory on your device. You can also pull up a map of your location showing all of the over 30,000 alumni within a few miles, using your GPS capabilities. Easiest way to get in touch, right in your pocket.